Who Is Herbert Flores?

Welcome to my corner of the internet! If you’ve stumbled upon this page, chances are you’ve seen some of my videos and read my thoughts on various companies, opportunities, systems, and strategies. But now, you’re probably wondering: Who is Herbert Flores?

Well, let me introduce myself. I’m just an ordinary guy like you, fueled by a passion for internet marketing. My mission? To help people create profitable home-based businesses. And yes, I work full-time online, whether it’s from the comfort of my home office or a cozy coffee shop with a reliable Wi-Fi connection. My trusty laptop is my constant companion.

Family Ties

Let’s get personal. I hail from the beautiful province of Pampanga in the Philippines. Here’s a glimpse into my family life:

  • Siblings: I have two wonderful siblings. My sister is a banker, handling numbers and transactions with finesse. Meanwhile, my younger brother is working hard in Saudi Arabia, contributing to our family’s well-being.
  • Parents: My parents reside in our hometown. Their unwavering support and love have shaped who I am today.

Harmony Between Faith and Business

Why am I able to pursue this online journey? It’s a delicate balance—a dance between divine providence and my relentless drive to build a thriving business. Let me share my story:

  • Turning Point: In February 2013, my contract as an RF Engineer came to an end. Instead of returning to traditional employment, I chose a different path. I dove headfirst into network marketing and simultaneously explored affiliate marketing. That’s when the seeds of my entrepreneurial journey were sown.
  • GoVideoMaker: Fast forward to today—2024. My brainchild, GoVideoMaker, has evolved into a dynamic Video Marketing Agency. But it’s not just about videos; I’ve expanded our services. Now, I focus on creating compelling content across social media platforms, monetizing those efforts, and building robust email lists.

Paying It Forward

Success is sweeter when shared. Here’s how I pay it forward:

  • Friends and Team: I mentor friends, colleagues, and my team members. Together, we navigate the ever-changing digital landscape, empowering each other to succeed.
  • Clients: Working with clients, I guide them toward launching and growing their own online businesses. Their victories fuel my passion.
  • Church and Community: As an active choir member in our church, I cherish the flexibility of working from home. When duty calls, I’m free to attend without hesitation.


So, that’s Herbert Flores—a marketer, a mentor, a believer, and a family man. Join me on this exciting journey, and let’s create something remarkable together!