How to Use Stories to Increase Your Sales and Recruit

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Are you struggling to get more sales and get more reps on your network or home based business?

Just want to share this one of the most powerful strategy that can help you increase your sales and recruit in your network or home based business.


Stories are the single approximately powerful way to tell, which makes them an indispensable tool in your sales process.

You can use them to sell
You can use them to recruit.
And you can use them to influence people with ease.
For a decade I was in a tough business with one of the hardest to sell products.
It’s one of these things that very few people actually WANT to talk about.
Using stories I was able to go from most prospects giving me the old “I want to think about it”(which means NO but I don’t want to say it)… to getting 80% of everyone I met with, saying YES.
No pressure.
No hard-selling.
Forget all that.
In this post I’m going to share how to tell story that works.

But first, let’s discuss why we care about stories to begin with.

Stories are part of our life

As we grow older we have a lot of stories that we heard because they are entertaining.

This is why we’re pay attention to them.

And also we are so happy when we watch our favorite movies, televison shows and plays, and read books because we FEEL emotion.

Emotion is very important when you’re telling story. Example if you love a product and you’re satisfied then you can feel the excitement to share your story to others like you lose weight with that amazing product. As human beings, we interpret everything that happens to us through stories.

VIDEO: How To Tell A Story That Sells by Michael Bernoff.

Discover why a recall story is so important before trying to sell to anyone. This one technique will make you more money.

Stories allow the customers to connect with the goods emotionally, they are a silent salesman/woman, and used well, they can increase sales dramatically.

Try selling with stories…!

Be sure to drop a comment if you if you learn something… 🙂

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